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Omer Airgrease

Omer Airgrease

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Airgrease . This Omer patented grease substitutes completely the use of oil in airguns. The AirGrease features a molecular grip to the aluminium barrel, allowing for a perfect lubrication and smooth operation of the piston, for hundreds of shots, greatly increasing the shot performance. AIRGREASE. Thanks to the use of this grease and the elimination of the oil, it is possible to charge the air tank of the airgun much aster and without leaks of vaporised oil. To insert the grease, release the air, unscrew the airgun muzzle and take out the piston. Insert the grease and then insert the piston in the barrel so that it smoothes out the grease on the entire inner surface. For a better performance, I suggest to substitute the grease at least once a year.

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